Elegant lives need elegant cuisine. At the Taichung Maison de Chine, our team of chefs carefully select the freshest ingredients and turn them into delicious seasonal dishes using world-class techniques. Whether you're here for Cantonese, Western or to take part in a banquet, if you're a food lover we'll satisfy your stomach and satisfy your heart.

Pin Lounge

      /Zhao Yin Building1F

Offers afternoon tea and all types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks for you to enjoy amidst the elegance of the lobby.

Opening Hours
·  Opening Hours:15:00-23:00 (Fri. to Sat.)
·  Reservation Number +886 4 24258599 ext.3335
  *Under-18s must not drink alcohol.

TASTE Buffet Restaurant

      /Pin Zhen Building 2F

Offers fine cuisine that is a fusion of Oriental Palace flavors and Western Cordon Bleu Cooking Techniques in a light and airy inviting space.

Opening Hours
·  Breakfast hours :
7:00-10:00 daily
·  Lunch :
12:00-14:00(Mon. to Fri)
11:30-14:00(Sat. to Sun)
·  Dinner:
17:30-20:30(Mon. to Fri)
17:30-21:00 (Sat. to Sun)
·  Afternoon tea
14:30-16:30(Sat. to Sun. or holiday)
·  Reservation Number +886 4 24258599 ext.3330 3331

Jing Zhao Xuan Restaurant

      /Zhao Yin Building2F

Offers themed set meals and shared set menus using top ingredients prepared using a mix of modern and traditional cooking techniques to produce authentic Cantonese flavors.

Opening Hours
·  Stop supply
·  Reservation Number +886 4 24258599 ext.3051